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Uta(Tokyo Ghoul) | PD

I really am amazed when I first see this photo. Uta is real????

50 shades of grey trailer




Read the Bible with the intent to understand it.
Don’t just read it to get through it.


Okay guys, I’m going to get serious for a minute. 
If you’re not in Ireland at the moment, you may not know about the situation regarding the laws on abortion. It is completely illegal, even in cases of rape, incest, fatal foetal abnormality, and other such things. 

Women have died in this country because inability to have an abortion put strain on their health. A woman who wasn’t even Irish begged for an abortion because her child was about to die in the womb. The complications arising from her case resulted in her contracting septicaemia, organ failure, and tragically dying. 
In 1992, the X Case took place, involving a 14-year-old girl, knowns only as x, who became pregnant after being raped. Instead of offering help to the girl, who because suicidal, they prevented her from travelling out of the country for an abortion.

Any Irish woman* who needs an abortion has to travel to the UK, which means if you don’t have the money, you’re out of luck. What does the Irish Government have to say about this?

Well, recently the UN confronted the Government about our abortion laws, pointing out that we were breaking Human Rights laws, and that the Government treated Irish women* like vessels.

Joan Burton, the Tánaiste, said that there will be no referendum on abortion in this Government’s lifetime. They’re literally saying that they don’t care enough to rectify Human Rights breaches.

I am NOT a vessel, and neither are you. Make your voice heard. Come to the March for Choice on the 27th of September in Dublin. 

Never give up, never stay quiet.

"Crazy Eyes" Jackson strikes again!


"we can get mcdonalds on the way home"


Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse


Dark mori with jeans by shortcuttothestars 

Both dark and light mori can be done with jeans, but you’re working agains one of the core aesthetics; flowy layers. Of course you can treat your jeans like leggings, but I suppose that was not what was requested.

Jeans instantly tone down an outfit and is something you kinda have to ‘work agains’ to make an outfit more over-the-top, but if you’re going for a casual look they’re perfect :)

I’d replace them with a black or grey maxi skirt here, but whatever floats ya boat :)


photo by Dan-Gyokuei

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The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found these dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.

—Vincent Van Gogh


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fight club heist film au: narrator tries to rob a bank with his right hand man tyler durden, but gets caught because tyler can’t leave the room to do anything because they’re the same person

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