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A look into the domestic life of Dean and Castiel.

Cas just has this wonderful ability for one-liners that other character don’t have, this ability is mostly because he doesn’t talk as much as the other characters so when he doesyou better fuckin’ listenbecause Kripke makes up for lack of dialogue with condensed awesome.

I feel that in the Destiel domestic home, this condensed awesome would happen all the time. ALL THE TIME. Can you imagine? The obscene amount of beautiful that would spew from this man’s mouth?

Posted on Jun 09, 2012
Tagged: #domestic #destiel #spn #true believer #dean winchister #castiel

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    But really. On an unrelated note. The fact that Cas says “Do we need a cat?” WE. not “you guys.” It’s WE! He includes...
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